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Dayspring Farm is committed to sustainable farming practices producing healthy meat, eggs, essential oils & body care products.

Each Morning Sunrise at Dayspring Farm brings us joy in service to Colorado and beyond.

We Believe In..

  • growing your future… naturally
  • hormone free
  • antibiotic free
  • free range livestock
  • cultivating without chemicals
  • enjoying wild-crafted plant products
  • natural pasture and hay
  • non-GMO seed & feed
  • the hope of tomorrow can be better yet
  • freedom of each new day

About DaySpring Farm

W e are interested in providing the western slope of Colorado with natural meat and specialty food products. Our mission is to use natural and organic practices as they pertain to hog and beef production. These successful practices we have seen implemented in past years. Study shows the omega-3 fatty acids are higher in the meat produced because of these techniques in farming and feeding.
The fresh country atmosphere and acres we live and work on provide a healthy setting for our livestock, vegetables, and grandkids to thrive on!

Customer Testimonials

Charleen – South Dakota

I have been using the Lavender Hydrosol on a severe burn 2nd and 3rd degree in some areas) from a radiator exploding.

Combined with coconut oil, and pepermint the hydrosol has been a miracle!.
It is incredible! No infection and the scarring will be minimal. I will send you pictures sometime.


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