W e go beyond the requirements of organic certification programs for our beef, pork and lavender production on the western slope of Colorado.

We believe the safest foods and body care products can be grown and produced without the use of chemicals! We believe that good nutrition starts with good soil. We believe the most nutritious meats and foods are grown in such an environment.

WE are 4th generations farmers & ranchers in Olathe, located on a 33 acre conserved farm in the heart of the high country of western Colorado.

The fresh country atmosphere and acres we live and work on provide a healthy setting for our livestock, vegetables, herbs and grandkids to thrive on.

We promise our grandkids and you:

    • No Chemical fertilizers
    • No pesticides(herbicides, insecticides, fungicides)
    • No hormones
    • No antibiotics
    • No animal by-products