Non-GMO Corn Fed Pork


$100 Deposit – Final Price is $3.50/lb hanging weight + processing (slaughter, aging, cutting and wrapping) is an additional cost to you at 75 cents per pound of hanging weight.

Non GMO – Corn Based Diet

Gluten Free

Sustainably and humanely farm-raised and finished

No hormones or antibiotics

Flavor profile of our pork – most amazing natural taste and texture

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Non-GMO Corn Fed Pork

If you are interested in a non-GMO diet for you and for your loved ones’ dinner table; we provide non-GMO corn-fed pork.
Corn is the number one grown crop in the United States and currently the second most genetically modified ingredient in the world (second to soy). In the case of GMO corn, the actual corn seeds are modified in a lab before being planted, with the intention of making them resistant to predators like weeds, insects, and rodents. Essentially, the purpose of GMOs is to create crops that have built-in defense mechanisms against things that normally threaten them.

There are several great health benefits noted in feeding non-GMO corn to our hogs:

  • Non-GMO corn is richer in nutrients, It strengthens the immune system and has been found to contain 60% more antioxidants than the GMO counterpart.
  • GMO crops can withstand huge amounts of pesticides, which means there will be some residual amounts of certain toxins, like the Bt-toxin, which can cause allergic reactions. Combine this with potential immune system problems and fewer nutrients found in GMO corn.
  • We also feel our hogs are better able at keeping their bodies strong and healthy on the exclusive non-GMO corn diet. This provides a prime pork option — you will be happy about serving anyone, anywhere.

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