Our Local Beef

Our breeding practices on our Colorado Farm include fast-growing local beef which finishes at a young age on an exclusive, grass-based diet. This provides our consumers with the increased marbling and tenderness, along with large ribeye size. Our Aberdeen Angus beef finish with increased yield by approximately 10 -15%  more packaged beef per lb of hanging weight than conventional breeds. This equals greater yield, providing cost savings to the consumer. The grass-finished diet is known to provide health benefits over the grain-fed beef.

Our Beef
Grass Finished Beef

“DaySpring Farm is committed to sustainable farming practices producing healthy meat, essential oils, and body care products.”

Organic non gmo pork from colorado farm

Our Local Pork

Our Colorado farm raised pork is fed an exclusive, non-GMO corn-based diet. This provides an opportunity for improving land and soils by the reduction in the number of sprays and chemicals not used in farming practices of non-GMO corn. Those looking for an opportunity to reduce the consumption of chemicals not passed on in our pork provides them peace of mind and enjoyment of our delicious, savory pork raised right here on our farm in Olathe, CO.

Our Pork

– Each morning sunrise at DaySpring Farm brings us joy in service to Colorado and beyond –

Artisan Essential Oils

Our artisan essential oils are distilled on site from locally wild-crafted and farm-cultivated plants. It is a small component of our Colorado farm and ranch. However, it has not been without a huge impact on family and friends, far and wide. We pride ourselves — as with our grass finished beef and organic non-GMO pork products — on proper harvest time of all plants distilled; harvesting when the plant is at its peak in oil production. Our distillation practice takes into account the optimum timing for each particular plant’s maximum benefit, noting taste, smell, feel, and overall plant condition. It is truly an art combined with experience and skill.

No sprays or chemicals of any kind are involved in the process of harvest or distillation. We provide blends that will assist in improved well-being and health in an uplifting and encouraging preventive practice.

Our Essential Oils
artisan essential oils distilled from local plants