Our essential oils are made by  process that is half engineering and half art. These oils have many natural health benefits. But what are they? How are they made? And how do you use essential oils?

What are essential oils?

Essential oils come from the extraction of the aromatic oils of various plants. Each plant produces these oils for different reasons. Some are for the purpose of attracting pollinators while others repels pests. Other oils protect plants from infections, help them heal, or serve as part of their communication. When you smell the fragrance of a plant or flower, that is the oil from that plant. We extract these essential oils because they are much easier to use than the raw plant material, yet still retain the benefits.

How are essential oils made?

Our essential oils are extracted through a careful steam distillation process. All of our plants are locally wild-crafted or cultivated and distilled at 5,365-feet elevation in Olathe, CO. Steam is pushed through the raw plant materials. This causes the plants to release their aromatic oils and they rise with the steam. The steam is then collected and condensed. Since oil and water do not mix, the essential oil can be separated after it has cooled. Hydrosols are a by-product of essential oils and are basically the water left over after the distillation process. These waters are very fragrant and have moisturizing and other health benefits.

how to use essential oils

How to use essential oils

Essential oils can be used in a variety of different ways. They can be used through aromatherapy, topically on the skin, and be taken orally. However, you should consult a natural health specialist before taking any essential oils by mouth. They can have powerful effects and you have to know what you are doing.

To use on the skin, always use a carrier oil. Carrier oils are harmless and help dilute the strong essential oils. Oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, and avocado oil are all good carrier oils. Coconut oil is popular because it also has antibiotic properties and it doesn’t clog the pores but it is a great moisturizer. Certain oils, like lavender oil, are great for relaxation. You can rub some on your chest or writs for relaxation. Or rub on sore muscles to help relax them.

To gain benefits through aromatherapy, essential oils can be used in a variety of different ways. You can get an essential oil diffuser to fill a whole room with the scents of essential oils. You can also put some oils on a cotton ball and keep it near you such as at your desk or in your car. You also receive the benefits of aromatherapy when using essential oil on your skin.

We offer many different types of essential oils and hydrosols. Check out our online store and feel free to contact us with any questions about our products!