Grass Finished Beef


$100 Deposit – Final Price is $4.25/lb hanging weight + processing (slaughter, aging, cutting, and wrapping) is an additional cost to you at 75 cents per pound of hanging weight.

Totally pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished

Aberdeen Angus

No antibiotics, no hormones

Dry-aged beef

No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers

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Grass-Finished Beef

We are committed to raising high-quality grass fed and finished beef at DaySpring Farm so that you can have confidence when feeding your family and friends. Our goal at DaySpring Farm is to provide the Western Slope of Colorado with natural meat and specialty plant products. Our mission is to use natural and organic practices as they pertain to hog and beef production.

For more than 10 years, we have worked on developing forage and management plans to produce quality grass-fed beef. We all agree this has to be tender, juicy, and appealing in color and texture, with fat (not fatty) and consistency. Our general conservation of the environment is due to less over-grazing, the ability to preserve preferred grass blends, with minimum machinery and pleasing our ruminants by letting them do what nature intended them to do. This practice adds incredible quality and value to our soils, returning benefit to both man and beef. The quality of life produced by a correctly structured grassland farm is excellent, providing a healthy environment for livestock — as well as grandkids — to thrive on.

A typical side of beef will weigh between 225 to 300 pounds. In addition to the prices listed below, processing (slaughter, aging, cutting, and wrapping) is an additional cost to you at 75 cents per pound of hanging weight.

Processing is done at Homestead Meats in Delta or Good’s Processing in Montrose. They are experts in meat cutting and they provide excellent customer service as well as quality wrapping. Our meat is dry-aged for 14 days for increased tenderness and texture. If you order a half — after aging, cutting, and wrapping — you can expect to take home approximately 175 to 220 pounds of beef.

Lock in your price – reserve early! Please contact us for our schedule and your $100 deposit. The deposit ensures your harvest date.

Tender and Delicious Beef harvested for tenderness and prime :

Grass-finished Beef – sold by the ¼, ½, or whole – $ 4.25/lb hanging weight

“Our cows are vegan, so you don’t have to be”

We Believe

  • growing your future…naturally
  • hormone free
  • antibiotic free
  • free-range livestock
  • cultivating without chemicals
  • enjoying wild-crafted plant products
  • natural pasture and hay
  • non-GMO seed & feed
  • the hope of tomorrow can be better yet
  • freedom of each new day

“My parents were at the cabins last night for Father’s Day and my dad and I had the grass-finished rib steaks and my mom had the tenderloin and that is AMAZING beef!!  Let me know what we need to do to lock it in for purchasing a whole beef from you.”

-Jason Foster, Soldotna, AK

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Whole Beef, 3/4 Beef, Half Beef, 1/4 Beef

2 reviews for Grass Finished Beef

  1. Brian & Bonnie Mitchell

    We’ve been buying DaySpring Farm’s beef & pork for several years and they are the gold standard. Every pound is lean, tender and flavorful. When we feed guests, they all rave over the best grass fed beef we’ve found!

  2. David & Paula

    As healthcare professionals we know that the food we eat substantially contributes to our health, so we choose our food carefully. We also believe that, just like us, the way an animal is raised and the food it eats determines its health and affects the quality of its meat. We have purchased beef and pork from Dayspring Farm for several years because we know how well the animals are cared for. The quality care shines through in the flavor of the meats. By far the BEST steaks we’ve ever had!

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