Lavender Hydrosol is Relaxing and Calming –  Great Insomnia Aide. Strong antiseptic and analgesic which promotes rapid new cell growth. Lavender is known for it’s healing skin conditions such as burns, sunburns and various skin rashes. Lavender has antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions making it excellent for aches, pains, sprains, strains, and spasms. Try it for relief on your next insect bite or sting. Lavender hydrosols can be used for toning and revitalizing skin and hair. 4oz

Hydrosols are co-produced with essential oils during the steam distillation. Clinically, the chemical components in the hydrosol are primarily acids, which are hydrophilic(water-loving). Why do they work? They acidify the water, which is beneficial to the skin or in the body. Hydrosols act as a healing, anti-inflammatory and mild, but therapeutic antiseptic. Bacteria do not live well in acidic environments. This makes hydrosols great addition to skin care products as astringents, or as room sprays and various aerosol or skin preparations.