• A Frequent Purchase at DaySpring is our proprietor blend with Lavender, Juniper Berry, Chamomile in 4 oz of hypoallergenic lotion. It has assisted in anti-inflammatory, pain relieving properties in arthritis, neuralgias, sprains, strains, gout, bumps and bruises…..  Do not use in pregnancy or on infants.
  • Rocky mountain Pinon Pine & Lavender essential oils, along with our Olathe beeswax kindly blended for you. The lip balm is so emollient and refreshing your lips will thank you day after day!
  • Experience the high country fresh aroma of Colorado with this coniferous blend of wild-crafted Piñon Pine & Juniper Berry. A hint of sustainably –grown Lavender brings synergy, to provide a blend that please both men and women! Colorado Piñion Pine assists in relieving mental and physical fatigue, Colorado Juniper Berry – useful in arthritis, gout and can be calming with anxiety and tension. 8oz
  • This lotion makes you Feel Groovy as it combines several essential oils and extracts with our Colorado Lavender essential oil to provide optimum moisture balance with therapeutic benefits. 8 oz
  • Organic Grass Fed Cows
    $100 Deposit - Final Price is $4.25/lb hanging weight + processing (slaughter, aging, cutting, and wrapping) is an additional cost to you at 75 cents per pound of hanging weight. Totally pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished Aberdeen Angus No antibiotics, no hormones Dry-aged beef No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • Treat yourself to this beautiful, complex blend. Safe for the skin of all ages. Colorado high-altitude Lavender – naturally produces more “Linalool”, calming and cell regenerative. Rose x Damascena – uplifting and soothing to emotions and antidepressant. Delightful, sweet and fruity aroma. 8oz
  • Lavandula x-intermedia     Colorado High Altitude Lavandin is ideal for any anti-stress blend, diffuser or aromatherapy. It has a pleasant and strong aroma, providing anti-inflammatory, cell regenerative, and healing many external skin conditions, burns and wounds. Not to be confused with lavandula angustifolia 5 ml
  • lavandula angusitfolia    Colorado High Altitude Lavender has more “Linalool,” reducing stress, improving sleep with a sweet and powerful fragrance. Absolutely delightful  5 ml
  • Farm Raised Pigs in olathe, co Pig under haystack
    $100 Deposit - Final Price is $3.50/lb hanging weight + processing (slaughter, aging, cutting and wrapping) is an additional cost to you at 75 cents per pound of hanging weight. Non GMO - Corn Based Diet Gluten Free Sustainably and humanely farm-raised and finished No hormones or antibiotics Flavor profile of our pork - most amazing natural taste and texture
  • pinus edulus with Jojoba   Harvested high in the mountains of western Colorado, the needles are distilled for it’s clean, fresh, piney aroma, providing respiratory, flu season decongestant benefits. It has been known to relieve mental and physical fatigue. 5ml
  • What a Wonderful World liquid hand soap 8 oz pump bottle. This extremely mild and richly foaming formula deeply cleanses as a nurse as even the most sensitive skin. Experience the healing properties in pleasing Roma's of Colorado High Country essential oils
  • DeStress

    Lavender, Clary Sage,Rosemary, Lemongrass Blend of 4 pure 100 % essential oils to hope to bring refreshing relief from tension, stress and add focus to your day. A pleasant , fresh and clean aroma. 5 ml
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