About Our Meat

A typical side of beef will weigh between 225 to 300 pounds. In addition to the prices listed below, processing (slaughter, aging, cutting and wrapping) is an additional cost to you at 75 cents per pound of hanging weight.

Processing is done at Homestead Meats in Delta or Good’s Processing in Montrose. They are experts in meat cutting, provide excellent customer service and quality wrapping. Our meat is dry-aged for 14 days for increased tenderness and texture. If you order a half, after aging, cutting and wrapping you can expect to take home approximately 175 to 220 pounds of beef.

Lock in your price – reserve early! Please contact us for Schedule and $100. Deposit ensures your harvest date.

Tender and Delicious Beef harvested for tenderness and prime :

Grass-finished Beef – sold by the ¼, ½ or whole   $ 4.25 /lb hanging weight

Non-GMO Corn-Fed Tasty Pork

Pork – sold by the ½ or whole  $3.50/lb hanging weight

“We’ve been buying DaySpring Farm’s beef & pork for several years and they are the gold standard. Every pound is lean, tender and flavorful. When we feed guests, they all rave over the best grass-fed beef we’ve found!”

 – Brian and Bonnie Mitchell, Olathe, CO

About Our Essential Oils

Distillation At DaySpring Farm strives to meet Kurt Schnaulbelt’s (Ph.D.) comment: “Distillation is Half engineering and half art!” ….“The highest quality essential oils and hydrosols come from distillers who skillfully steam distill the floral and plant material at proper temperatures, insufficient and appropriate time and who draw upon their “artistic” senses for the best aromatic and therapeutic end product!”  All our plants are locally Wild-Crafted or Cultivated and Distilled @ 5365Ft elevation in Olathe, CO.       

Keep out of direct sunlight and @ temperatures below 75 degrees F, when possible, as our hydrosols are all plant-based, no additives or preservatives. Most carry a shelf life of 1-2 years.

“This stuff works! Lavender / Peppermint EO for headaches”

                – Melissa (Paonia)